Inexpensive Ways To Brighten Up Your Space

I moved into my first apartment a few months ago and it took some time to make it feel and look like home to me. I didn’t have any furniture or decor so I had to shop for everything – from our couch and bed to linens and cookware. Shopping for the essentials alone took a lot of time (and money) so I didn’t focus on decorating the place at first. I knew this would come with time and I could personalize the apartment once I felt more settled in. I chose neutral wall colors so I knew I needed to introduce some color into the space to avoid it looking monochrome.

Vibrant Colored Rug

I started by looking for a colorful rug for the living room. Since I have an open living room and kitchen space, I knew the rug would be the focal point of the main room. I chose this rug from and this piece alone made the room look 10x brighter!

Styling The Couch

The couch we bought came with a few throw pillows but I didn’t like the covers so I looked for new covers that would bring out the vibrant colors of the rug. I chose 2 yellow velvet pillow covers, a pom pom lumbar pillow cover, and this ABC pillow cover from amazon. When you buy a vibrant rug like the one I bought, the color combinations are endless – these were just my preference:

Adding Some Greenery

To add some more color to the space, I purchased 2 small fake plants (I wasn’t sure I could keep a plant alive and these looked too cute not to buy). I was also gifted 3 plants from my family that are still alive (yay!) I’ll add more plants over time but any plant, real or fake, will bring some much-needed green to your space.

Re-arrange Your Book Shelf

If you have a bookshelf filled with random books but they’re not really organized in any articular way, consider color coordinating them! It’s really easy to do and the outcome is pretty cool. Our book collection is on the smaller side but this really made the bookshelf pop.

A Few More Ways To Brighten Up Your Space

Add vibrant colored throw blanket to your couch

Buy fun printed kitchen towels and a colorful kitchen rug

Display your colorful mugs on a mug stand

Hang up some wall art

What are some of your favorite inexpensive decorating hacks?


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