Why You Should Shop Store Brand vs Name Brand

So what’s really the difference between name brand and store brand products? It almost always comes down to branding practices, good marketing, and packaging. Companies want to sell you on their product and make you believe it’s the best on the market and it’s one of a kind. Once you compare it to similar products you’ll realize they’re almost always exactly the same and the only difference is in the name of the brand.

I used to believe that name brand products were better than store brand until I began to compare labels. Almost all of the name brand products I bought had the same ingredients as their store brand counterparts. The price difference between both products was sometimes more than 50%! I always associated the brand with higher quality until I began buying store brand items and realized the quality was extremely similar and a lot more affordable.

I rarely buy something name brand anymore unless I really love it and can’t find an equal store brand product. I try to follow this rule for most things I buy and it has saved me a lot of money over time. As someone who worked in retail, I can tell you with certainty that most higher-end clothing brands had very similar, if not identical, fabric contents as the clothing you’d find in department stores. There are some things you just can’t buy “store brand” but for these items, I always ask myself, what am I really paying for? Is it brand recognition? Is the style of this item of clothing that much nicer than something more affordable? Just some food for thought next time you’re shopping!

I used to love lululemon leggings, and I still do! They’re wonderfully made and are some of the best leggings I’ve ever worn. Their standard pair costs $98…and they sell leggings that are closer to $120-$140 in price. At this price, I knew I had to find a better and cheaper alternative. I did a little research and began trying on different brands at places like TJ Maxx since they have a large assortment. I came across a pair of leggings by the brand 90 degree by reflex and these are basically all I wear now, you can find them on Amazon here. They fit so well and they’re more comfortable to me than lululemon leggings. You can find them on Amazon in a variety of different colors, styles, fabrics, and lengths. I prefer the ones I linked above because they’re great for working out and also for everyday use. The best part about these is that they’re a fraction of the price of lululemon leggings. They also stand the test of time – I’ve had a pair of these for 3 years that I wear regularly so these are definitely high-quality leggings for much, much less.

The 4 best and most common places to shop for store brand items are Walmart, Target, and BJ’s/Costco. The assortment of store brand items at all 4 stores makes it really easy to replace almost all of the name brand things you already buy. When you’re at Walmart, you want to look for Great Value and Sam’s Choice. At BJ’s their store brand is under Berkley Jensen and Costco’s is under Kirkland Signature. Target has tons of store brands that offer a range of different products. Their most popular ones are Simply Balanced, Market Pantry, A New Day, Ever Spring, All In Motion, Archer Farms, Opal House, Smart, Room Essentials, and you can find the rest at this link.

One of the items that always have a huge price difference between store brand vs name brand is OTC medicine. If you take a look at the active ingredient in Advil and any standard ibuprofen – it is exactly the same Advil charges you $14.99 and Target’s store brand is only $3.99 for the same exact item:

Before you buy something name brand, compare the label and test out the store brand version! You won’t be disappointed and you’ll save tons of money just by switching over.


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