17 Affordable Athletic Clothing Items To Add To Your Closet

Whenever I see an ad for workout attire I’m always shocked to find out the price is $120 for a matching sports bra and legging set. Who would pay that much money for clothes they’re intentionally going to sweat in? I personally don’t believe in spending a lot of money on clothes that I’m going to wear for an hour or two max and then throw right in the wash.

While I have tons of old t-shirts I could throw on, I still want to find trendy pieces that get me excited for my workout! This is why I’m always looking for comfortable, functional, and affordable clothing. I still buy clothes that are high quality and comfortable because I’ll be wearing them a lot, but I don’t spend a ton of money on them. The top activewear brands like Lululemon and Athleta have high quality and cute clothing but their stuff comes with a hefty price tag – one pair of leggings at Lululemon will cost you $98!

One of my favorite places to look for workout clothing is TJ Maxx or Marshall’s, I always find brands like Nike and Adidas for a great price. Another great place to shop is Target, they constantly run sales on their athletic attire brands.

I recommend checking out the sales page on Nike.com when you’re looking for training or running sneakers. They always have a bunch of sneakers on sale in all different colors and sizes. Brand new trendy sneakers can cost anywhere from $90-$130 so I opt for the styles that are on sale. It’s just not worth it to pay that much for shoes you’ll have to replace every 6 months (depending on how often you workout, 6 -8 months is my rule of thumb). I usually never pay more than $50 for sneakers. A few other great places for affordable sneakers are Zappos.com, DSW.com, and DicksSportingGoods.com !

I put together the below list of high quality, affordable, and trendy workout clothes you can find on Amazon

Leggings – Because who doesn’t need a few (or 10) pairs of these

These leggings are so similar to the Lululemon align leggings! I was really impressed by the quality of these:

These are my go-to everyday workout high-wasted stretch leggings. They’re comfortable and made of a stretchy material that makes them perfect for everyday use or for your workouts. I’ve had a few pairs that have lasted me 3 years now!

For the warmer months, I like to wear capri leggings like these. They’re soft and comfortable!

Sports Bras – A Workout Staple

This sport bra gives you full coverage and is super comfortable:

I like this sports bra because it doesn’t fit too tight or too loose and offers the perfect amount of support:

Cute and Trendy Workout Sets

I am obsessed with this sport bra and short set – really cute for the summer!

Both the top and bottom of this legging and sports bra workout set is perfect as a set or worn separately. Great quality and really trendy!

Different Tops For All Seasons

I love these racer back tank tops for the warmer months. I also wear these for any indoor workouts because I tend to get pretty sweaty and these are very comfortable. The material is light and they don’t fit too loose or too tight:

This short sleeve tech stretch tee is similar to the tank tops above and I like using these for the colder months:

These long sleeve tech shirts are perfect for the winter months when you’re looking for a little more coverage from your workout tops.

For those of you that brave the cold and like to workout outdoors during the colder months, this sweater is perfect.

Shorts For Any Activity

I like to keep a pair or two of cotton shorts for my workouts in my closet. These are great for the summer:

If you’re looking for the perfect running shorts look no further!

These are the perfect yoga shorts. I love that they come with pockets!

Must-Have Accessories

I have curly hair and it’s tough to keep it out my face when it’s up in a ponytail so I use one of these sport headbands. They come in a variety pack in tons of different colors:

Or if you prefer a thinner headband, look no further – these non-slip elastic bands are perfect for keeping hair out of your face but aren’t as large as the ones above.

These perfect sized sports towels come in a carrying case to keep handy during your intense workouts, especially during those summer months!

I hope shopping will help motivate you to crush your workouts!


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