Trader Joe’s Haul

This piece is part of the Trader Joe’s Haul series where I review the food/snacks/products/random stuff I buy from Trader Joe’s. Few things make me as happy as a trip to Trader Joe’s and finding a new delicious item I can tell everyone about.

Are you looking for the perfect quick snack that satisfies both your sweet and savory tooth? The fig & olive crisps might not be all that sweet but they do have a hint of sweetness that is just the perfect amount for me. Pair these crisps with any goat cheese (I prefer the fine herbs goat cheese, but Trader Joe’s has plenty of options) and you’ve got yourself a light and tasty snack.

These would also be a prfect addition to your charcuterie board since we know how popular those are now….it’s not a charcuterie board without some spreadable cheese so this can be the one for your board!


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