Trader Joe’s Haul

This piece is part of the Trader Joe’s Haul series where I review the food/snacks/products/random stuff I buy from Trader Joe’s. Few things make me as happy as a trip to Trader Joe’s and finding a new delicious item I can tell everyone about.

I woke up this morning to perfect crisp air and I knew I had to head over to Trader Joe’s and explore their fall assortment. I try going to TJ’s as soon as they open so I can avoid the rush. If you’re looking to explore and walk down each aisle in search of a new find, this is the best time to go. You won’t feel like you need to rush to find something and you get to take a good look at everything – this is how I find the best items.

No one prepares for the fall season like Trader Joe’s. Any food or dessert item you can think of, they’ve found a way to make it pumpkin, apple, or maple-flavored. I snagged a few pictures of all of the items I came across today – I only bought 5 items on this trip and this took a lot of willpower. Happy fall hunting!


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