Trader Joe’s Haul

This piece is part of the Trader Joe’s Haul series where I review the food/snacks/products/random stuff I buy from Trader Joe’s. Few things make me as happy as a trip to Trader Joe’s and finding a new delicious item I can tell everyone about.

I was craving a BBQ inspired meal and these pulled pork sandwiches did not dissapoint! I love that Trader Joe’s has the pulled pork ready to eat because it saves you the time you’d spend cooking your own. The pulled pork paired perfectly with the cole slaw kit – I personally prefer my cole slaw without the creamy dressing but I’m sure it would taste just as great with it. I season my cole slaw with a bt of lime juice, salt, and pepper and it makes for the perfect light crunch to top my pulled pork with.

These sandwhiches only require 3 items that you can all buy at Trader Joe’s. The best part is that all you have to do is put the 3 together and you have a delicious pulled pork sandwich – NO cooking!


  1. Brioche buns – sweet and soft but also firm and pairs well with pulled pork, shredded chicken, cold cuts, you name it!
  2. Pulled pork – exactly what you expect a great bbq pulled pork to taste like. It’s sweet, tangy, and a little smokey- the perfect combo
  3. Cole slaw kit – just what you need for any recipe that calls cole slaw or can be eaten as a side when you use the creamy dressing

Each individual item is great on its own and can be used in a number of different meals but for a truly simple, quick, and delicious meal you can combine all 3.

To really bring this sandwich to the next level, I added a tiny bit of butter to the buns and placed them face down on a pan to toast them a bit. Once you toast your buns, all you have to do is top them with them pulled pork and cole slaw and VOILA, a delicious light bbq inspired meal in less than 5 minutes.

Cole Slaw Kit, Brioche Buns, and Pulled Pork


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